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The difference between sintered Ndfeb and bonded NdFeb

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Bonded NdFeB is made of NdFEB magnetic powder added with adhesive, bonding is actually injection molding;

Sintered Ndfeb is vacuumed through high temperature heating molding, generally through sintering can only produce blank materials, and then through mechanical processing (such as wire cutting, slicing, grinding, etc.) to become a magnet of various shapes.

Sintered Ndfeb is kinds of difficult machining materials and hard material, which has high loss, high cost, poor dimensional accuracy and corrosion resistance in the processing process.
The surface needs electroplating treatment. But the advantage is higher performance!
First of all, in terms of applications, The production and application development of bonded NdFeb permanent magnet material is late, the application is not wide, the demand for consumption is small, Mainly used in office automation equipment, electric machinery, audio-visual equipment, instrumentation, small motor and measuring machinery, mobile phone, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM drive motor, hard disk spindle motor HDD, other micro DC motor and automation instrumentation and other fields are widely used.
Sintered Ndfeb permanent magnets have been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology. The more common applications are permanent magnet generator, loudspeaker, magnetic separator, computer disk drive, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, etc.
What are the specific differences between them in production and processing technology, density, magnetic force, surface treatment and price?
1.Density comparison: Bonded Ndfeb density of about 6g/cm ³. The density of sintered Ndfeb is about 7.5g/cm ³.
2.Magnetic force comparison: Bonded NdFeb materials contain a little less neodymium, so the performance is not as high as sintered Ndfeb. Generally, magnetic rings with thin walls are made of bonded NdFeb.
3.Surface treatment contrast: Sintered Ndfeb is usually galvanized or nickel plated, Bonded Ndfeb surface treatment is usually black epoxy.
4.Price comparison: The price of Bonded NdFeb will be relatively cheaper, the mass production of Bonded Ndfeb needs to open a mold, the Sintered Ndfeb is not.

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