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Manual of 1KW/180RPM PMG

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1. Summary
We use the Axial Flux Permanent Magnet (AFPM) technology to manufacture disc-shaped, inner(outer) rotor, coreless three-phase AC Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG), this kind of PMG has the following characteristics:
Direct drive, smooth operation
Low-speed, high efficiency
Small size, light weight
Low starting torque, it can be used in light breeze condition
High cooling effect, low temperature rise
Long life, low noise
High efficiency; no rotor copper losses due to the permanent-magnet excitation and no stator Eddy current losses in the ironless stator,
Small weight (plastic or epoxy resin stator core),
Disc shaped construction, having a short rotor in axial direction,
No cogging torque,
Low noise and less vibration.
2. Technical parameters

1 Voltage V 220
2 Output form Three-phase AC
3 Rotor form Disc-shaped      Permanent magnets
4 Stator form Coreless, wire-wound
5 Rated power W 1000
6 Rated speed RPM 180
7 Rated current A 2.63
8 Output slope V/KRPM 1454.6
9 Line-line resistance Ω 15.7
10 Max. working temperature <120
11 Number of poles 20
12 Insulation class F
13 Ingress Protection(IP) 54
14 Case diameter mm 375
15 Case height mm 62
16 Shaft diameter mm 50
17 Case material Aluminum alloy
18 Shaft material Steel
19 Bearing Deep groove ball
20 Starting torque Nm <0.3
21 Net weight Kg 35
22 Packing size mm 450x450x350

3. Outline installation dimension

4. Instructions
(1) Working condition: under an altitude of 1,500 meters, -30 ° C to +50 ° C
(2) Before installation, gently turning the shaft or housing to confirm rotation flexibility, no
abnormal sound.
(3) PMG output is three-phase, three-wire output, before installation, use 500MΩ Megger to
check the insulation resistance between the output wire and case, should not be less than
5 MΩ
(4) PMG is inner rotor generator, in the installation process, should ensure that the locking screw is in place, it is very important
(5) PMG warranty: 2 years.

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