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How to get the magnetic material on the plane delivery to the customer quickly?

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Air transport has a certain particularity, in order to ensure safety, both people and goods need to do security inspection before taking the plane. If you bring magnetic materials, such as NdFeB, or the customer is in a hurry and wants the manufacturer to deliver the goods by air, how can we bring the magnets on the plane?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) classifies magnetic cargo as Class 9 dangerous goods, which must be restricted at the time of collection and Transport, because the weak stray magnetic field can interfere with the navigation system and control signals of aircraft. So now some of the air cargo with magnetic materials need to be magnetic detection, in order to ensure the normal flight of the aircraft. Magnetic materials, audio materials and other instruments containing magnetic accessories should be magnetic testing.

Air freight standard
According to the relevant provisions of IATA902, if the maximum magnetic field intensity measured at 2.1m away from the measured item does not exceed 0.159A/m(200nT, i.e., 2mGs = 0.002gs), the item is not limited as a magnetic material and can be disposed of as a general cargo.

If the maximum magnetic field intensity measured at 2.1m away from the measured object exceeds 0.159A/m, but the arbitrary magnetic field intensity measured at 4.6m away from the surface of the measured object is less than 0.418A/m, the goods can be collected and transported as dangerous goods.

If the intensity of any magnetic field at 4.6m from the surface of the tested item is greater than 0.418A/m, then the item is strictly prohibited for air transport

How to meet air freight standards
In order to meet the requirements of the air transport, the need for air transport magnets to do demagnetization, although called demagnetization but in fact is not to do demagnetization of magnets, but through special shielding packaging, so that the package external magnetic display to meet the requirements of aviation safety transport. Shielded packaging will generally use high magnetic conductivity materials, such as cold rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, etc., if the amount of magnetic materials to pack several layers. The magnetic conductivity of highly conductive materials is very high. According to the principle of Faraday’s electric cage, the magnetic field mainly circulates in the box after packaging, and there is very little leakage. Packing in cartons or wooden cases in addition to shield packing.

QM’s standard air shield material

QM’s standard air shield material

Use a gaussian meter to measure the packed magnets
Magnetic Inspection
Carrier magnetic material airlines or logistics companies will require customers to do magnetic testing, issued “air transport conditions identification report”, so as to ensure the normal flight of the aircraft. Air transportation appraisal can only be issued by the qualified professional appraisal company approbated by the civil aviation management authority of the country generally, and need to send samples to the appraisal company for professional detection, and issue appraisal report next. If it is not convenient to send the sample, the professional personnel of the appraisal company shall conduct on-site testing and then issue an appraisal report. The period of validity of appraisal report is generally used this year, after crossing a year, want to do again commonly.

During magnetic testing, the customer shall pack the goods according to the requirements of air transportation. The inspection will not damage the packaging of the goods. In principle, the inspection does not open the box of the goods, but only carries out stray magnetic field detection on the six sides of each piece of goods. If the magnetic inspection of the goods is not qualified, special attention should be paid. First of all, with the consent of the customer, the magnetic inspection staff will be entrusted to check the goods out of the box, and then put forward relevant reasonable suggestions according to the specific situation. If the shielding can meet the requirements of air transport, the cargo will be screened according to the client’s authorization and the relevant fees will be charged.

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